Salisbury Falls, Warby Ranges NP : July 20

In fine conditions with some cloud over the Alps, six club members enjoyed the classic approximate 11km walk from the Salisbury Falls area at the end of Shanley Street into our special Warby Range.

The first section climbs quite rapidly towards the top of Mt Warby with the vegetation obviously rejuvenated by recent rains, and with buds just appearing ahead of the usual wild flower “explosion” which will occur in a few weeks’ time.

Some of the creeks were just running, and the waterfalls were close to making an appearance.

Kangaroos and many bird species were evident as the group enjoyed the always superb Alpine Views track which winds back on the edge of the Range.

[Andy Kimber]

Coming Events

Sunday, 30th July. Woolshed Falls, Beechworth.

Michael, 0447 617 880

An easy to medium walk of about 10km, on established walking tracks, in the Beechworth Historic Area, from the Powder Magazine to Woolshed Falls.

A short steep descent, and return ascent along the way, taking in the Cascades and views.

Thursday, 10th August, dinner at the Wangaratta Club.

Judy, 5766 2773. ‘Save the date’ – Warby Walkers Social Dinner @ Wangaratta Club.

Saturday, 12th August. Nine Mile Track, Mt Buffalo to Ovens.

Bob, 5766 2773

A medium walk of about 17km with a descent of 600m. It is mostly downhill, but with some climbs on a well – made 4WD track along the ridgeline descending into the Ovens Valley.

Walk through temperate forests, with views west to Mt McLeod and the Buffalo plateau, and spectacular views down to both the Buffalo and Ovens valleys, finally crossing the Ovens River to emerge at Ovens.

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