Spring Gully to Ryan’s Lookout : June 3

A perfect winter day after a hard frost made this morning walk a delight.

The group of eighteen walkers set off from the Spring Creek picnic area in the Warby Range, and the initial part of the walk was the only challenge, in what would otherwise be an easy walk.

The steep banks of the Spring Creek were slippery in parts, and required caution. One walker was grazed in a tumble, and required first aid, but otherwise the walk went without incident.

Much of the walk is untracked, adding to the interest of the route. It is open woodland, with some outstanding grass tree specimens. Some kangaroos, and a wallaby were sighted.

We followed Spring Creek upstream, but only some pools of water were present on the day. However, the rocky path of the stream is quite picturesque.

Eventually, by following a southerly direction, the group eventually sighted the Devenish Road, and followed it in parallel until Ryan’s Lookout was reached.

The picnic area near the lookout proved ideal for an end-of-walk barbeque, which was enjoyed by all.

[Adrian Twitt]

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