Moonlight Track Walk, May 16

There were nine participants on this little used route on the western side of the Warby Ranges, and we started at the dirt track adjacent to Taminick Gap Road, on the boundary of Baileys Vineyard.

The distance planned for this medium rated walk was about eight kilometres, and we had a glorious clear and sunny Autumn day, with a top of 16 degrees

Following the fence line around Baileys Vineyard boundary, we reached the commencement of Moonlight Track, and then proceeded along the gently undulating dirt track, before commencing the steep 20 minute climb to the ridge.

We admired the change in vegetation, including a belt of flourishing grass trees, before proceeding for about a kilometre to reach the Ridge Track intersection.

We then turned left, and continued along Ridge Track, past the communication towers, crossing Taminick Gap Road, and finishing the walk to enjoy Pat’s cuppa at the car park.

The views across the brightly Autumnal coloured vines to Winton Wetlands, during the first part of the walk, were wonderful.

A 10 minute car shuffle before, and after the walk meant that only two cars were required.

The group met at 9.15am at Rotary Park, mileage was $2.50 per person and the travel, leisurely morning tea and lunch, plus time for Pat’s cuppa returned us to Wangaratta by 2pm.

[Glenda Hall]

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