Floodwaters : December 14

Water, water everywhere – after a long dry spell, the North-east had more than its share of rainfall in the lead up to this walk.

There was so much water (well over 100mm in most of the North-east) that the Hume Freeway was cut in several place to the north of Wangaratta, and the planned walk for December 14 (the White-Box Walk in Chiltern-Mount Pilot NP) had to be cancelled.

Alternative venues (such as those in the Warby Ranges and near Beechworth) were considered, but access seemed to be a problem where ever we thought of going.

Hopefully, we can reschedule this popular walk to another date in 2019.

[Chris M]

Coming Events

Sunday, 6th January. Mt Buffalo, Long Plain and Mt Dunn. Jan, 0427 224 484

An easy to medium walk of approx 10km, following Long Plain Track from The Horn Road towards The Cathedral and a possible side trip to Mt Dunn.

More wildflowers and bog plants in summer than on the Big Walk.

This walk is mostly on bush tracks, and some management vehicle tracks.

Friday, 11th January. Lake Benalla, Wetlands and Art Exhibition at the Gallery. Karen, 0409 215 286

An easy walk of approx 8k around Lake Benalla, and its feeder streams.

Features include the Botanical and Rose Gardens, as well as the natural environment of Jaycee and Little Casey Islands.

A chance to see platypus, along with other animal and birdlife.

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