April 1st to October – Appalachian Trail.

Our amazing club member Adele is now in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, with only one state (Maine), to cover before she leaves her trek along the longest marked footpath in the world, The Appalachian Trail, which traverses 14 US states!

In the northern most part of the Trail, Maine has 452km of the total 3000 + km of the Trail.

The northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail is on Mount Katahdin, which we assume Adele will reach by October.

Coming Events

Sunday, 9th September

The middle of the Warby Ranges North to South

Karen, 5722 2540.

This is the second leg of walking the length of the Warbys, and is a medium walk of approx 13km, mostly on walking tracks and forest roads.

An undulating walk, with stunning views from Mt Warby, and several areas along the ridge.

Sunday, 23rd September

Warbys North to South. Mt Glenrowan Ridge Track

Andy, 5721 7922

A steep start at the Taminick Gap Road end of the Warbys, through to the towers. This short, easy to medium, walk covers approx 6km along the Ridge Track to Morgan’s Lookout at Mt Glenrowan, then descends through the bush to Morrisons Winery.

Bring along the walking poles for the descent to the winery.

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