Warby Ranges, North to South (Stage 1): Saturday, 25th August

This was the first leg of walking the complete length of the Warby Ranges from north to south, a medium grade walk that is completed by our club every few years.

This three stage walk is always a popular event, and this year, by including Mount Killawarra in our route, we will have a mountain in each section.

Today’s route took us from Boweya Road (Killawarra) through to Ryans Lookout on the Wangandary Road.

After parking at the start, the adventure kicked off with a climb along Tower Road, with wallabies being sighted along the way.

Some members of the group stopped for morning tea at a picnic spot, with great views to the north east, while the remainder of the group followed the track to Mount Killawarra.

This latter group came across an echidna along the way, before enjoying their morning tea with fantastic views to the north and west.

Regrouping after morning tea, we continued along Tower Road to the Spring Creek Picnic Area for lunch, to be greeted by Rod Davis and a friend, who had ridden up from Wangaratta to join us there.

After lunch, Adrian was entrusted with leading the group along the banks of Spring Creek to Blakelys Track, and then to the last part of the walk alongside Wangandary Road to Ryans Lookout.

Welcome refreshments of Pat’s cuppa and bikkies were then enjoyed before organising the return travel to Wangaratta.

Pat wasn’t on the walk, as she’s visiting family in the suburbs of Sydney, NSW, but she made sure we weren’t going to miss having a cuppa at the end of our walk.

We had 22 walkers participating in this outing, including four casual walkers, and a previous casual walker who joined the Club on the day.

Kerri’s phone indicated that we had completed a 10km walk, and we enjoyed the best weather seen for some time, a fine and sunny 18 degrees; we even had the sunscreen out.


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Sunday, 9th September

The middle section of the Warby’s North to South

Karen, 5722 2540

This is the second leg of walking the length of the Warbys from North to South, a medium walk of approx 13km, mostly on walking tracks and forest roads.

An undulating walk, with stunning views from Mt Warby, and several areas along the ridge.

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