Ovens River Walk: Wednesday, 22nd August

The mist lifted very soon after eight club members headed off from behind Mullinmur Billabongs, near the end of Phillipson Street.

We hiked in warm sunshine along the banks of the Ovens River, and around the main billabong, before following the river paths to North Beaches, the Bullawah Trail, Apex Park, and across the main bridge to the Wilson Road area.

Due to semi flood water covering the King River, we could not gain access to Big Kaluna, but the almost 7km walk was at that stage a very satisfying achievement.

Pat’s so welcome cuppa was again enjoyed, but this time back at Rotary Park surrounded by friendly, but hungry, magpies.

Coming Events

Saturday, 25th August

Killawarra to Ryan’s Gap, first part of Warby’s North to South

Jeanette, 0417 546 974

This is the initial leg of walking the length of the Warby Range.

A medium walk of approx 13km, starting at the northern end of the Warby’s at Killawarra, following forest roads and bush tracks to reach Ryans Lookout.

Sunday, 9th September

The middle of the Warby’s North to South

Karen, 5722 2540

This is the second leg of walking the Warbys from north to south.

A medium walk of approx 13km, mostly on walking tracks and forest roads.

An undulating walk, with stunning views from Mount Warby, and several other areas along the ridge.

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