Buckland Gap to Beechworth : June 13

This nice little adventure started out from the corner of Buckland Gap Road and Lady Newton Drive, with 10 participants on this overcast, and cool day.

The walk was all on gravel roads and tracks, and shortly after commencement, we skirted Bates Dam, a relic from the gold mining days. The walk then continued through a variety of eucalypts, with views of orchards now in winter garb, pastoral land, and along muddy in patches tracks.

The walk also included two quite steep declines/inclines, and despite recent rain, we had no problems crossing a small creek.

A herd of contentedly grazing cows looked inquiringly at us as we past them by, before reaching the bitumenised Dingle Road, and into the Mayday Hills complex to enjoy lunch, and Pat’s cuppa adjacent to the George Kerferd Hotel.

This was an Easy/Medium Walk (AWTGS3) of about 7.5kms, taking three hours, including morning tea stops.

Overall a lovely winter day’s morning walk. [Glenda]

Route: Starting on Lady Newton Drive, turn left onto Jensen Track, past Bates Dam, then after approx 20 minutes from the walk commencement, turn right into Six Mile Road, then 200m on the left onto West Dingle Track, and after 50m turn left onto Orchard Track, later veering left at the junction with West Dingle Track.

Walk for approx. one hour from Six Mile Road then turn right at the intersection of West and North Dingle Track, before turning left thru a gate 250 metres on from the intersection.

Pass thru a further two gates, before arriving at the bitumenised Dingle Road, then left into Oak Avenue and into the Mayday Hills complex to the public area near the George Kerferd Hotel.

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