The Big Walk at Mount Buffalo : March, 24

There were nine participants for The Big Walk at Mt Buffalo including two visitors, being Peter from Baddaginnie and Libby from Blighty in NSW.

The Big Walk links the Park entrance gate and the Chalet, and ascends/descends over 1,000 metres within 9 kilometres of the 11.3 kilometres of trail.

Three of our group took the down hill option, and so transported two vehicles to the Gorge Day Visitor area to enable the six climbers the means to return to Eurobin Creek Picnic Area for afternoon tea.

A short heavy shower brought out the rainwear not long into the walk, and morning tea was enjoyed along the trail.

Both groups met on the rockface between Mackeys and Marriott’s Lookouts, enjoying the magnificent views while having lunch.

After lunch the descenders continued on towards the Eurobin Creek Picnic Area, and the climbers continued on to the Gorge Day Visitor Area.

The climbers arrived at The Gorge, just as the heaviest rain seen for some time began to pour down, cutting short any time to check out the views.

Returning to the picnic area at the base of the National Park in the vehicles was in the same heavy rain.

The descenders arrived at the picnic area bedraggled from walking in the heavy downpour, and Pat’s usual delightful spread for afternoon tea was most welcome.


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