Granite Spur/Eskdale Spur Track to Mt Bogong

Granite Spur/Eskdale Spur Track to Mt Bogong

Date – 4.11.2017 Leader – Bob Shaw

No. of walkers – 8 (Considering it was a long weekend and the Wang Jazz festival the numbers seemed good)
a. DRIVING to THE START OF THE WALK -We met at Wangaratta at 7.00am and drove via Happy Valley to Tawonga near Mt Beauty. From Mountain Creek camping ground at the base of the Staircase at 8. 30am we then proceeded to drive in 4WD vehicles on the following tracks –

1. 6.6 km uphill from Mountain Creek to Trappers gap.
At Trappers Gap there are roads to the east leading to Dartmoor and to the north to Mt Emu. Road to the south goes to Camp Creek gap.

2. 6.2 km uphill from Trappers Gap to Camp Creek Gap.
Just above Camp Ck Gap there is a road to the east to Granite Flat Spur

3. 5.5 km downhill then uphill from Camp Ck Gap to the gate at Granite Flat spur 4WD car park
4. Then another 2 km driving on a track for a 4WD with a low ratio, not for a ‘pretend’ 4WD or all-wheel drive. At this car park there is a sign “Mt.Bogong 2,5km.”

TO MT BOGONG PEAK (2 hours easy one way)

1. Walk straight uphill for half an hour to the Michel Hut turnoff to the north.
2. Walk again uphill for 20 mins to another turnoff to Michel Hut. From now on you are on the Eskdale spur.
3. Walk again straight uphill above the tree line for one hour to reach the Mt. Bogong Summit.
4. The return journey from the peak of Mt Bogong to the Granite Spur Car Park is about 70 – 80 mins

FROM MT BOGONG AND TO CLEVE COLE HUT (one hour easy one way)

1. Walk in an easterly direction on a well formed path and still on the Bogong plateau for 45 mins to Cleve Cole hut. The hut is set amongst the tree line and is sheltered on a saddle with plenty of protection from the elements. There is running water from a spring and the hut is well decked out. Some walks then walked another half hour further on to a waterfall.
2. Return back towards Bogong then descend via both the Eskdale Track and Granite Spur Track to the car park.

By climbing up Mt Bogong using this much shorter route it means that once you reach the summit then there is usually time to complete some exploring around the summit – e.g. Cleve Cole Hut OR the 3 km one way walk to the west peak of Bogong

Bob Shaw

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