Loggers Lane / Friends Loop : August 22

It wasn’t springtime, but the wattles were in bloom, and the creeks were running nicely for this 12km walk in the Warby Ranges.

On this glorious sunny day, ten walkers set out from the Loggers Lane ‘Car Park’ at the corner of Gerretts Road, and made their way to Taylors Lane, and then Wenhams Camp for lunch.

On the way we enjoyed great views of the snow covered alpine area, several sightings of kangaroos, and a pod of gang-gang cockatoos.

After lunch, we took some of the unmarked trails that lead back towards Loggers Lane, enjoying yet more great views of the alpine ranges, and more sightings of red and grey kangaroos from a small granite peak called Robertson’s Dome.

The grass-trees were looking very prosperous in their rock studded gardens, and various types of orchids were just starting to come into bloom.

Overall, a very enjoyable walk, with a good crew.

[Chris McLaughlin]

Coming Events

Sunday, 27th August.

White Box Track and Mt Pilot, Chiltern – Mt Pilot National Park.

Cecily, 5727 1340 or 0490 024 471

Starting at Honeyeater Picnic Area an easy 8.5km walk along the White Box walking track.

This walk will take approx 2-3 hours and introduce you to some of the natural and historical features of the park, followed by a short walk to the summit of Mt Pilot.

Saturday, 9th September.

Seven Creeks Track, Euroa and Strathbogie Ranges.

Andy, 5721 7922.

An easy walk of about 7km along Seven Creeks near Euroa township; a possible short (4km) hilly amble in the Strathbogie Ranges could be added after lunch, if sufficient are interested.

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