Nine Mile Track, Mount Buffalo

Nine Mile Track walk (near Rollason’s falls to Ovens Township)
Date – 12.8.2017

No. of participants – 21

Leader – Bob Shaw

To organise before the walk –

1. Rang Happy Valley Hotel at Ovens so that the club can use their carpark as a finishing point (57 511 628)

2. Organised car shuffle from Selzer’s Farm back up to Mt Buffalo at the end of the walk.

3. Rang Selzer’s farm on 57 511 340 to ask if we can walk near their property ( the road has public access but it is polite to ask if we can walk close by to their farm house and farm sheds)

4. Location of starting point –drivers turned on their odometer to zero once they reach the sign “Mt Buffalo national park (where the old Nat Park ticket box was) then at the 8.0km mark as you drive up Mt Buffalo there is 35KPH sign and a sharp left hand bend. On the right hand side of the road there is a car park which used to be the old Mt. Buffalo Rd.

Distance of the walk – 17 KM

Weather – foggy, high winds at plus 500m. altitude, sporadic showers, but then fine weather once we reached the Ovens Valley floor.

Description of walk –

• Kilometres 1 to 4 – up and down on the ridge line with the starting point being a 4WD track on the east side of the car park, with a locked gate at the very start.

• KMs 5 to 8 – descent to 600m. “The Constitution” hill on the right hand side. The “Nine Mile track” is a very walkable 4WD track. Some up and down sections

• KM’s 9 – 10 – still up and down but descent to 500m. Slight Views of Buffalo Valley to the LHS and the Ovens valley (esp. to Hop Farm and the DPI) on the RHS. Make sure for the future that walkers Ddo not take the track down the RHS. Stick always to the ridgeline even if you think we are going too far away from the final descent.

• KM’s 10 – 14 – Steady descent from 500m to 200m. Arrived at Selzer’s hydroponic sheds. There were a number of gates to pass through. Ensured that all gates were closed correctly. It seemed like private property as you pass within 10m. of a house but this is a public access road. The car to take the drivers back up the mountain was located near farm sheds on the valley floor.

• KM 15 – 17 – Only the non-drivers continued walking on the river flats. Walkers crossed the Ovens River and turned left on the Ovens Highway and waled the last 1 km to the Ovens pub.

• With stops every hour, morning tea for 10 mins and 20 mins for lunch at the 10km mark the whole walk took five hours.

Degree of difficulty – Medium grading as it is mostly downhill on a well made 4WD track

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