Flagstaff Hill/Murmungee Basin Walk

Flagstaff Track/Murmungee basin Walk – walk number 1
Walks Report – July 15, 2017

Distance – 19 km

Time taken –6 hours with stops for morning tea and lunch.

There was a car shuffle of about 10 km between Taylor’s Gap and Buckland Gap.

Grading – Medium/Hard.

1. From near the intersection of the Myrtleford/Beechworth Road and the Ovens Highway at Taylor’s Gap, the 9 walkers started to climb up a well made and well used 4WD track. There were no views due to the fog/low lying cloud, but there was evidence of mullock heaps from the goldmining eras.

2. At the end of a 500m. altitude climb over 2 hours we arrived at Flagstaff Hill (altitude of 880 m.). There were panoramic views across the Murmungee basin almost to Wangaratta.

3. We continued walking along the ridge for another hour with some more extensive views across the Murmungee basin. This section was very up and down with muddy sections in the gullies.

4. Where we turned north onto Burgoigee Tk. the landscape changed abruptly from eucalypt forest to pine plantations/blackberries/new trees.

5. We stopped at Clarke’s Corner which is very historic site related to the goldmining and post war immigration times as well as the forestry eras in this area. We then proceeded along Lady Newton Drive for almost 3 km. back to the ‘official’ Murmungee Lookout with magnificent views across the Ovens and King Valleys. You could see the distant snow on Mt Buller and Mt Stirling, the Glenrowan Gap and Lake Mokoan. We continued to walk downhill to where the cars were parked at Buckland Gap.

6. We then drove back to where the cars were parked at the start of the Flagstaff Track next to the Alpine Highway.

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