Mount Buffalo, May 21

Mount Buffalo was first documented by explorers Hamilton Hume and William Hovell in 1824, and is a prominent landmark from the Ovens, Buckland and Buffalo River valleys.

The massif rises abruptly from the surrounding countryside, and is visible from many different angles.

Twenty six walkers headed up the Mount on Sunday 21 May, taking in the views from Og, Gog, and Magog for morning tea, with the rock giants of fable lore, and continuing forth to Eagle Point, for more fabulous views North out to the distant valleys, for lunch.

The weather was a delight, fresh mountain air with sunshine to brighten the forest views. Everyone managed to channel their ‘inner goat’ and clamber up and over rocks without mishap (although one walker was unfortunately winged early on the walk).

Solid ladders helped the climb up Eagle Point – where we could sit atop the biggest tors, and look across to familiar landmarks from a new perspective.

A lovely day’s outing, with old friends and new, finished with the traditional cup of tea and biscuits at the Gorge.

Thanks to Jeannette for her organising skills, looking forward to the next one already.

[Cecily Fletcher]

[The three short walks to Dicksons Falls, The Horn and Lake Catani didn’t go ahead, as all walkers opted for Og Gog & Magog.]

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