Warby Heritage Trail : May 7

This walk was hosted by Warby Walkers as part of the Wangaratta Heritage Committee’s “Heritage Month” for 2017.

So, as well as 21 walkers from the club, we also had eight “visitors” that had read about the event in the Heritage Month flyer.

Starting out from Booths Taminick Winery, for this seven kilometre adventure, we took the poorly defined track that leads up to the first of the weirs built by Ben Warby in the 1880s.

There was some signage along the route, but the lack of it meant that we missed checking out two of the other weir structures (there are four in total).

Morning tea was held at the top of Warby Falls, and we then continued, via some more vague tracks, to the top weir.

Continuing on, we made it to the top of the ridge system, and from here followed fire trails, and then Spot Mill Track and Cellar Track back to the Winery.

Lunch (with a glass of wine) was held on the lawn at the Winery, whilst we enjoyed the company of our new found friends.

The weather was sunny, with a strong breeze, and the mid-day temp was about 17c.

Overall, a great half-days walking, with an excellent crew.

Many Thanks to Booths Winery for their help in staging this event, and for their hospitality.

[Chris McLaughlin]

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