Talbingo Week Away. Saturday, 22nd April to Saturday, 29th April.

A total of 36 club members travelled to Talbingo, late in April, and had a great time on the annual week away.

On the first day for walking, the group had an orientation time, just venturing close to home base.

In the morning, the Mill Creek Fall Track of about 8kms was covered.

In the afternoon, there were two walks offered. One was a dramatic 4km descent on the Old Mountain Road – the bullock dray track which pioneers took when coming off the high country, and travelling onto the plains.

Others ambled along the Jounami Creek route.

Joining them on the walks were five members of the Tumut Walking Club, who were a superb support regarding navigation and points of interest.

Monday morning was still fine, so the crew visited Nichol Gorge with its two caves.

Later that day other gorgeous gorges near the Blue Water Hole, and the nearby very old classic homestead, were inspected.

Wednesday was a wet weather day, but this enabled the trippers to have a good look at the spectacular Yarrangobilly Cave system, with some amazing photos being taken.

On Thursday, we visited the old huts and homesteads on the Kosciusko High Plains, starting with Old Currango Homestead, which is the oldest standing building on the high plains anywhere in Australia.

We walked on the High Plains to Mosquito Creek, and came across several mobs of brumbies.

Friday was taken up with an amble to Landers Falls, and views of Talbingo Reservoir.

Some ventured further than the Falls, taking in Old Talbingo Mountain, where the world gliding championships were once held.

The mountain has extensive views of the Snowy Mountain Scheme, with 900 metre high sheer cliffs on one side, looking down on Talbingo Village.

Congratulations, and thanks, to the organisers of another fantastic week away!!

Coming Events Sunday, 7th May. Warby Heritage Trail.

Chris, 5722 4876

This is an easy 9km loop in the Warby Ranges, starting and finishing at Booths Winery.

The Loop takes in the sign-posted, and recently established, Warby Heritage Trail, and the walk is a featured event in the 2017 Wangaratta Heritage Festival.

The Festival will run from mid-April to mid-May, and the theme of this year’s event is ‘Transport’.

Sunday, 14th May. Lockhart’s Gap – Tallangatta Lookout.

Adele, 5727 9501

A hard walk of approximately 18km along the ridgeline on 4WD roads to Tallangatta Lookout. Views of surrounding valleys, and of course Tallangatta (the town that moved), the Hume Weir and Murray River.

Adele will be looking to keep a moderate pace on this one.

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