Mount Bogong, April 7

Mount Bogong is Victoria’s highest peak (1986m) and the walk described here starts at the local (Mount Beauty) gateway to the Alpine National Park, at the Mountain Creek Picnic/Camping Area.

After a cool start to a warm autumn day, with a little smoke haze from the burning off, ten members started the walk to Mount Bogong summit from the Mountain Creek camping area.

After walking through the fern gully along Mountain Creek, with discarded snake skin along the path, we began the steady climb of The Staircase, with a number of welcome breaks before, reaching Bivouac Hut for morning tea.

Most of the walkers continued onwards and upwards through the forest, reaching the Castor Outcrop, where due to the inclement weather, which by then had arrived, some of the group decided to return to Bivouac Hut for lunch.

The remainder of the group continued on towards the summit for a short time, before the cold, wind and rain became too much to continue, and they too decided to return to Bivouac Hut for lunch.

The descent continued to Mountain Creek, and then the camping area, having covered a total of 16km.

Mount Bogong awaits us to climb again another day.


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