Our ANNUAL DINNER and AGM was held at the historic Vine Hotel on Monday 27th, March, and it was a well attended event, with 52 members, and eight guests, present.

During the formal part of the evening the following office bearers were elected.

  • President: Glenda Hall
  • Secretary: Kerri Davenport
  • Treasurer: Guy Robertson

Committee Members: Michael Braendler, Jeanette Farquhar, Cecily Fletcher, Andy Kimber, Chris McLaughlin, Judy Shaw, Trevor Turnbull, Adrian Twitt and (a big welcome to) Davina Wilson, from Yarrawonga.

As well as a great dinner, a well run AGM, and the usual companionship, we all enjoyed the presentation by Parks Victoria’s Stuart Hughes, Director Parks Planning and Policy, and Adam Nitschke, Manager for Precinct and Maritime Planning.

The Melbourne based duo presented on the Greater Alpine National Parks Management Plan, the current Government’s policy on commercial, or private, sector development in national parks, and the recently released Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing draft Master Plan.

In relation to the latter, both Stuart and Adam fully agreed that communication of the Plan was not done particularly well, with most media coverage negatively focusing on the “high yield” walkers at the expense of free walkers.

However we were reassured that this is indeed not the case, and that any development of the trail is not designed to impact on our walking enjoyment.

It is expected that the Master Plan will be released mid 2017, and Stuart and Adam were grateful for the opportunity to discuss all aspects of Parks Victoria, and its operations to us and to hear the views of our bushwalking community.

We were also joined by Melbourne based Joslin Guest, the Bushwalking Victoria Board Member, who is our link into BWV.

All in all, it was a particularly successful, and socially enjoyable, evening, with The Vine Hotel again being a fantastic venue.

Please remember that subscriptions became due at the AGM, and that they should be renewed as soon as possible, direct transfer being the preferred method of payment.

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