Morses Creek and Wandiligong Diggings: Saturday, March 18

A fine sunny day had 15 walkers, including two new casual walkers (welcome Wendy & Lorraine), out for this walk from Bright to Wandiligong and back.

Beginning in Bright, at Hawthorn Lane where Morses Creek runs through, the walkers casually set off following the Creek towards Doherty’s Bridge.

The clear running Creek was a delight to observe, and hear, as most of the group negotiated under Doherty’s Bridge, and up to the correct side of Morses Creek.

The members who initially failed to achieve this, were apparently distracted by some young male mountain bike riders, who in their own words, “got away”.

Without mentioning names, (Karen, Margot & Pat), they too soon joined the rest of us, where the first sign-post indicating the walk to Wandi was located.

From here it was a gentle, straightforward walk, following the tranquil flowing Morses Creek.

A morning stop was taken where the Creek bends sharply to the left, and a clearing made a good spot for all to enjoy.

After a refreshment, it was on towards Alpine Park in Wandi.

A snake sighting along the way caused a moment for a pause, before the group then proceeded through two gates which marked private property.

This short section of long grass, out in the open, was a change to the shaded, picturesque Morses Creek, and soon we arrived at Alpine Park for another brief stop.

It was at this point that Rod joined us on his bike to welcome us, and also to make sure that all members behaved in relation to future encounters with mountain bike riders.

From here we crossed the Chinese Swing Bridge, which a few members tested to ensure it was aptly named.

Thankfully the historical facts boards located here are in both English and Chinese, which did not necessitate me having to translate.

This area in its 1860’s gold-mining heyday, may have contained a population of up to 3000. Today Wandiligong is now a quiet township, registered with the National Trust as a classified landscape, with featured historical buildings.

Continuing through this part of the walk known as “The Diggings”, one mine entrance was passed before reaching the Wandi Pub.

At the pub, a well deserved drink, a not so factual quiz, and then meal was enjoyed by all.

But no one enjoyed the afternoon at this point more so than our wonderful bright and breezy president Glenda.

The walk to this point was 7.7km, and from here a number of walkers returned via car, while the others returned to Bright the way they had come, so as to complete a pleasurable walk of 15.4km.

[Michael Braendler]

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