Beechworth Moonlight Walk, February 10

This easy walk (easy that is, apart from the heat) started at Lake Sambell Picnic Area, Beechworth, with the distance planned being about 7.5km (1.5km for the Lake Sambell Circuit, and about 6km on the Rail Trail). Participants numbered 19, including two casual members, plus “Ted” the dog.

The weather was ridiculously hot (40+ degrees) when we left Wangaratta, but dropped quite dramatically by the time we finished the walk.

After driving from the meeting point at Apex Park to Beechworth’s Lake Sambell, the 19 strong hearty group defied the hot weather, and decided to walk the Lake circuit, taking about 30 minutes. The shade was appreciated, and it was then very pleasant enjoying our picnic tea overlooking the Lake.

Afterwards we walked thru the Chinese Gardens to the commencement of the Rail Trail at about 8.10pm – finishing the walk in about an hour and three quarters in perfect conditions, including the odd cool breeze.

The moon’s illumination was magnificent as we crossed Stilley Road, Fighting Gully Road, passing the Baarmuthaa station and finishing near a beautiful old brick bridge adjacent to Diffey Road.

We were met by Peter Finedon, who had constructed the best rustic standard lamp cover, and enjoyed Pat’s welcome cuppa. The car shuttle took about 25 minutes, and as we returned to Wangaratta the mercury rose as we drove.

One third of walkers who had registered pulled out during the day due to the extreme heat – however these fears (thankfully) were unfounded as the weather was ideal, albeit a bit warm for the Lake Sambell circuit.

Perhaps scheduling a moonlight walk for later in Summer may be preferable in future – but otherwise an absolutely wonderful evening.

[Glenda Hall]

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