Mount Buffalo : Mackeys Lookout to Reeds Lookout. December 4

This walk covered much of the upper part of the Big Walk, and involved a long climb up to Marriotts Lookout, and then Reeds Lookout. mt-buffalo-b-1

The starting point was at the informal car parking area, just downslope of Mackeys Lookout, and the distance planned for walk was about 9km.

The weather was warm (about 22c) with a slight breeze, and the walk was rated moderate to hard, given the reasonably high ambient temperature.

Morning tea was enjoyed by the 13 of us at Marriotts, and Lunch at Reeds, with several other stops to get our breath back, and to have a drink of water.

As with our previous walk (Long Plain) the hero of the day was the wildflower display – the best I have ever seen. mt-buffalo-b-17

The views were also excellent, albeit with the skyline dominated by high level cloud.

As mentioned, the wildflowers were close to their peak, and the cameras were clicking furiously.

The Buffalo Plateau is still carrying plenty of water, and all of the creeks that we encountered were bubbling away, and the bog areas were still noticeably damp.

[Chris McLaughlin]

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