Extended Sunrise Track, Warby Ranges : November 29

This is one of the more popular walks in the Warby Ranges, and it was a pleasant drive from the meeting point at Rotary Park to the Sunrise Track car-park in Dolloro Road.

From here, the nine of us (including a new member) climbed steadily along the Sunrise Loop, then appreciated the flatter terrain of the MVO track, before tackling the Taminick Loop back onto the

We then took in the Quarry Loop, and walked back to the car-park via shade and orchards. sunrise-ext-nov-16-01

This gave us a total of about eight kilometres, and we appreciated the early start, as it was a warm clear morning rising to a top temp of approx. 25 degrees.

A highlight of the trip was the last remnants of grass tree flowers – complete in places with butterflies – and the bush looked vibrant and healthy after the winter rains.

Hurdling was a skill some utilised, as there were several fallen trees to manoeuvre around.

Aside from this, the walk was rated as Medium, due to the climbs involved. sunrise-ext-nov-16-02

It was a really good time of year for this walk, but would not want to do it any later in the day, particularly if a hot day was forecast.

Morning tea was enjoyed on a group of rocks offering spectacular views to the Alps.

Thanks as always to Pat for the welcome cuppa after completing the walk.

[Glenda Hall]

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