Morrison’s Winery, November 1

This outing was the latest in our Cup Day adventures, and the gates lifted with 23 walkers setting off from the Hamilton Park area, climbing up the Chick Hill Track, and onto the main ridge of the Warby Range.

They then ambled along the ridge track, before stopping for a break at the summit of Mount Glenrowan, with those exceptional views over Glenrowan, the Ovens Valley, and the still slightly snow sprinkled Alps.

The group then descended down a fairly steep, and heavily grassed, ridge and completed the seven kilometre adventure at Morrison’s Winery.

Other members were waiting at the winery, and with the help of the always helpful Bob Morrison, had set up tables, chairs and umbrellas.

Delicious food, wine, and Pat’s tea, were then consumed before we all listened to the Melbourne Cup.

A new member – Thelma – had chosen a numbered cupcake corresponding to the winning horse, and was thus presented with the ‘grand’ cup by last year’s winner, Karen.

Most members (including some blokes) took the challenge of wearing ‘stunning’ head gear on the walk.

And so after much deliberation, our trackside judge (Helen Twitt) deemed the superbly ornate, and florid, hat of Deb Goodson as being the most resplendent.

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