Mount Sugarloaf and Kelly’s Cave, October 9

This superb 12km walk started in Upper Ryan’s Creek, to the south of Greta South. Our walk leader, Adrian Younger was brought up in this area, and was a brilliant guide for this trip into a rarely visited area.

The group of 20 walkers, plus three horse people, left Jones Lane, and climbed off track toward Mount Sugarloaf, visiting some fascinating Turquoise mines hidden in bushland.

Great views of the surrounding King Valley and the Futter/Warby Range greeted us at the top of the 500 metre hill.

Then it was down quite steeply, through rocky woodland to a splendid, and concealed, Kelly’s Cave which Adrian explained as being half-way between two of the Gang’s favourite supply points.

We then descended into the valley, and walked beside a swollen creek, before consuming Bob’s prize winning chocolate cake, and Pat’s special biscuits, with the traditional, and very welcome cuppa.

Check our Facebook Page for some great photos of the walk, and some of the wildlife seen.

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