Pangerang and Pine Gully Walk, October 5

With 189mm rain over the previous four weeks, preceded by a very wet winter, the cross-country walk scheduled for this date was out of the question.

As well, ferocious weather the day before caused the cancellation of one registration, due to a myriad of trees across her property.


But a bright day dawned, and the five who participated, had a delightful morning of two shorts walks in spite of the saturated state of the Warby Range.

The first walk was to Pangerang Lookout, along which trail, plenty of orchids, everlastings and other wildflowers, created great interest.

Towards the end, the unique Spur Wing Wattle, and the stately Cypress Pines, scattered among outcrops of granite, added to the pleasure. Finally, the outstanding Lookout across the western hills and fertile plains, made a delightful morning tea stop.

Following this walk, the group drove to the Pine Gully picnic area, and wandered down to the nearby falls, which were truly a torrent.

The raging creek feeding them provided challenges for crossing, but all was well.

Three of the participants were unfamiliar with the Warby Range, being newcomers to Wangaratta, and they expressed great pleasure in the adventures of the morning.


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