Mount Baranduda, September 3

Mount Baranduda is an isolated area of high country, located just to the south-east of the Wodonga urban area. Most of this granitic outcrop is now incorporated into the Baranduda Regional Park.

After a night of heavy rain, 19 enthusiastic walkers journeyed up Mount Baranduda, ready for the picturesque ridge top walk. The clouds parted enough by the time we reached the transmission towers, allowing wonderful views over the valleys to the West.

Layers of clothing were discarded as the sun shone through, and the undulating track, through lush sub-alpine bush, presented many ups and downs. Recent rain resulted in a few fallen trees, and wet spots, to negotiate. Views were enjoyed to the West and East along the ridge, and later North over Wodonga.

We startled a few wallabies, and a fox, at the bottom of the range, the mountain being descended down a steepish Cobbs Track.

A few seasonal creeks needed to be crossed at the bottom, on our way along to our northern access track, where Rod awaited with a welcome cuppa, and a lift back to retrieve our vehicles. What was to be a half hour wait for the non drivers turned into two hours, as a large tree had fallen on the road up the mountain, between the drivers and their vehicles.

Just as we were huddling into all available spare clothing, the generous farmer, who had earlier unlocked the gate for us, came along and invited us home for a hot drink and cake, and to warm up in their cosy farmhouse.

This turned out to be a wonderful end to a majestic walk, thanks to our new friends the Kernigans.

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