Black Range and Turquoise Mine, September 24

This Edi-Cheshunt area was reputed to be the first turquoise mine area in Australia, and turquoise was exported from this location to England and Germany between about 1870 and 1920.

So, for this nice adventure, fifteen walkers travelled up the King Valley to Ridge Track, which is in the Black Range area.

Following this track, we walked steadily uphill, on four wheel drive tracks for several kilometres to Smalls Lane.

Then, after about half an hour of bush bashing, we found the turquoise mine shaft, and its adjacent huge mullock heep.

Here, several walkers used torches to enter the horizontal mine shaft, and after lunch, others spent their time fossicking for turquoise in the rocky adjacent areas.

We then retraced our steps, experiencing panoramic views of the King Valley facing north, before returning to our cars.

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