Warby Ranges, off Warby Tower Road, March 19

For this Saturday walk, John Kerby led a navigation exercise walk in the Warbys, starting from the Spring Creek picnic area. The route was based on an old orienteering course, including 15 controls of varying difficulty. Eight members took on the challenge, walking up-hill and down-dale, to find the markers.

By the time each group had finished, they had a reasonable understanding of using their Silva compasses, taking bearings off their 1: 20,000 orienteering maps, and following a compass bearing across country, taking into account the gullies, high points, boulders, rocky outcrops and other features on the way.

Wombats, kangaroos and foxes were among some of the animal observed in the Stringybark dominated bush.

The participants finished the course with a sense of achievement, feeling that the experience had bolstered their navigational skills, probably enabling them to navigate out of difficulty when faced with challenging country, such as dense bush or a white-out when on a bushwalk, or while ski touring.

Whilst enjoying the usual, superbly presented Pat patented, afternoon tea complete with Easter eggs, at least forty Melbourne birdwatchers passed us by, outnumbering (and probably scaring) any local birds trying to survive in this quite damaged looking section of our National Park.

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