The Razorback – February 13 – 14

This great weekend kicked off with twenty two club members gathering at the Harrietville Caravan Park on the Friday night.

Joy was short-lived, however, as we soon learnt that Saturday was to be a day of Total Fire Ban.

Traditionally, the club has not walked on such days, so Saturday was spent on informal exploration of the town, and its environs.

Some walked out along the West Ovens Track, finding many relics, and evidence, of the gold mining era on the way. Others checked out the local ice cream parlour, and others went for a swim at the former Tronoh Gold Dredge site.

Sunday dawned bright and sunny, with a predicted top of about 18c, so there was plenty of hype as we left for the mountain at 6.45. harrietville-01

As usual, The Razorback provided us with an excellent walk, and everyone was agog at the scenery, particularly the blue haze ‘range-upon-range’ views to the west.

It took about four hours for us all to get to The Cross, and from here some headed up to Mount Feathertop, others down to Federation Hut, others to have a look at the Molly Hill Memorial.

The group then split in half, with 11 heading down Bungalow Spur, directly to Harrietville, and the rest of us returning to the vehicles at the Great Alpine Road.

Overall, an excellent weekend, with one of Australia’s great iconic walks as the centrepiece.

Unfortunately, the change of plan (because of the fire ban) meant that some members could not join us on The Razorback, so for many reasons this is a walk to be revisited before too long.

Chris McLaughlin

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