Wagirra Trail, February 10

This was our first ‘interstate’ walk of 2016, and unlike last years event (14/02/2015) we had Albury’s heat, not rain to contend with.

Wagirra Trail follows the Murray River,downstream from Norieul Park to Horseshoe Lagoon, providing an excellent riverside venue, with a connection path that links Wagirra with the Wonga Wetlands. wagirra-feb-2016-01

After an early morning start (to beat the heat) the seven of us started off from Albury’s Norieul Park, heading downstream, with many members of the local populace to accompany us.

The walking was easy, with only a couple of small rises to tackle, and we made good time, and morning tea was held alongside part of Horseshoe Lagoon, with many waterbirds at close hand.

Continuing downstream, we tackled the new bridges that lead to the Wetlands, as well as taking time out to admire the superb Wiradjuri sculptures, and their excellent explanatory signage, that are a part of the Yindyamurra Sculpture Trail.

Having made good time, we completed a 2.5km loop around some of the wetlands, and then had lunch in the large (and sheltered) picnic area at the Wetlands.

We set out for Norieul Park, via a slightly different route, feeling the effects of the afternoon sun, and therefore very grateful for all of those wonderful redgums.

Overall distance covered was 21.1km according to my GPS, 21.2km according to Robyn’s iPhone (using the ‘map my walk’ app).

[Chris McLaughlin] .

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