GPS Training session at Hamilton Park

GPS Training session

Wednesday Feb 3, 2016

Sixteen walks were present at the GPS training session at Hamilton Park. A BBQ tea was enjoyed by many, then as from 6.30pm onwards, Chris McLaughlin used the club GPS devices and copies of the Magellan manual to instruct club members. By the end of the 90 or so minutes most participants had some idea of the basic operations of the GPS devices and had walked around within the vicinity of the BBQ area using the GPS’s Participants mostly came to the conclusion that these devices do have a safety component which does make them useful in bushland. They seem to be useful to backtrack and also to pinpoint your exact location within a number of metres. P1030410

A few people decided that a GPS is not for them and that was okay too – at least they had tried. Others have taken the GPS home with the manual and will study the manual to improve their familiarity. All present at least agreed that this was a helpful introductory session and much more practice is needed during walks to learn more details of their usage.

Thank you to Chris McLaughlin for his presentation and untold patience with participants. Where else would we have an author of a book on GPS’s giving a talk to club members – we were very privileged.

Bob Shaw

Message from Chris – “Many thanks to all of those club members who attended the first GPS Training Session at Hamilton Park last night (3/2) – it was a pleasure to pass on some of my knowledge.

Many Thanks also to Bob Shaw for organising a great venue.

For those on the next big walk, I’ll be organising some GPS exercises for the Razorback Walk (12/3), but in the meantime . . . If you are walking the dog, playing golf etc., this is a good time to practice setting up waypoints, and using the Track function to see how far you have walked.

Finally, I mentioned the waterproof buttons, on the left side of the GPS units, but forgot to say what they do. The upper (smaller) button is a short-cut to setting up, and saving, a waypoint from your current location. The larger button is a short-cut to the camera – the camera takes quite a good photo, easily comparable to the quality of that taken by a smartphone. The camera is also accessible via the main menu (bottom left) and then the ‘media’ icon. This also gives access to the voice recorder. Photos (and voice recordings) can then be uploaded to a PC via the USB port (at the bottom of the unit).

Best Wishes Chris M

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