Kellys Lookout, and Cave, November 22

Twenty four adventurous walkers set off from Nieoffs Road (in the Woolshed Valley) for this quest to visit the Lookout and Cave, as used by the Kelly Gang in the 1870s.

We cut across to CFA Track (not marked on all maps) and enjoyed some amazing views of the Warby Ranges, Mount Buffalo, the Stanley Plateau and Mount Big Ben.

The Kelly Lookout was fairly easily located, and we enjoyed a five-star locality for lunch, with more great views, this time of the Woolshed Valley.

kellys-cave-35 We now set off on the tricky part of the day’s entertainment, that of finding the Cave. The first part of this cross country foray went well, but we gradually moved over to the west of our objective, and missed finding the landmark ‘big slab of granite’ which leads north to the Cave.

After several attempts to re-set our course it was decided to turn for home, leaving the Cave for another day, and adding to the mystique of the bushranger days of our history.

The walk was estimated to be about 14km in length, but was in fact, about 18km. This combined with the fact that the weather was predicted to be about 23, with a light breeze, but turned out to be about 28, with a strong breeze, made for a tiring day.

[Chris McLaughlin]

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