Mount Feathertop, November 7

This walk was slotted into the Walks Program at short notice, to make up for the cancellation of the Mount Beauty weekend.

Mount Feathertop (1922m) is Victoria’s second highest mountain, and has several access points for intrepid bushwalkers.

The most popular route is via The Razorback, a ridge system that runs from near Diamantina Hut (on the Great Alpine Road) all the way through to the summit, with the choice of returning via the ridge, or taking the steep descent to Harrietville.

However, on this occasion, seven club members climbed all the way to the summit by walking up Bungalow Spur from Harrietville, and then back down again.

The weather was perfect, and the walk was very enjoyable in the warm and clear conditions.

After lunch at Federation Hut, the final climb to the summit was completed, with no wind being experienced on top – remarkable!!

We then walked quickly down the track back into the Ovens Valley, enjoying those superb views of the mountains of the divide, plus Mount Buffalo.

[Trevor Turnbull]

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