Footgolf – Boorhaman, November 3

In perfect weather, Footgolf at Boorhaman Golf Course proved a great social event for the Warby Walkers on Cup Day.

Twenty three eager members participated in our first try out of this novel game, organised by Helen Twitt.

Well plied with a barbecue lunch, teams of three and four set off on this well manicured course, the only one in country Victoria. foot-golf-01

In some quarters, the competition was fierce, while others were happy to kick the soccer balls, used instead of golf balls, with abandon.

Michael Braendler came in with a winning score of 43.

Everyone managed the feat with under 100 kicks, and all seemed happy with their score, and the enjoyment of participation.

The broadcast of the Melbourne Cup was eagerly waited, all attendees having chosen a cup cake with horse name attached, thanks to Karen Davis.

The winner by great coincidence, was the self same baker of the cup cakes, appropriately another female winner, like the Cup’s now famed winning jockey.

Everyone enjoyed an afternoon tea of delicious slices before departing with words that we must do this again.

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